• Welcome to the forum of professional participants of the drug market!

    Here you will get all the necessary information about organizing a laboratory of any size, from a small kitchen at home to an industrial facility.
    And if you have your own production, here you will find all the relevant information to improve efficiency and safety.
    In the sections of the forum you will find:

    • Methods of synthesis and analysis;
    • Suppliers of chemicals and equipment;
    • Descriptions of the pharmacological action of substances;
    • Business technologies.

  • Purchasing Chemicals 

    BB experts assist in the purchase of goods on the Chinese market. We have contacts with factories and companies that are ready to fulfill any of your orders for synthesis.
    We can help you:
    - Find a supplier of the right reagents or equipment
    - Negotiate, agree prices and terms of shipment
    - Pay for your order in fiat currency by accepting your payment in bitcoin
    - Control the quality of the product, packaging, execution of documents and receipt of goods.

    The cost of our services is a nominal 10% of the order value.
    Purchasing managers: Zero Day or Pinkman

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  • Hey hello, I am new to this forum (discovered it today) and I love it!! people look very nice and with a ton of wisdom ...

    look, I bought like 2 years ago some kg of p2np, But it's not yellow and it has a brown-reddish color, is it expired? I wish I could still be able to perform a little with it, would you mind taking a look and give me your opinion.

    Thank you, sir!! and thank you very much for that vid, amazing!!
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